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Originally Posted by northernlord View Post
They are great. They do everything as they promise. Fast and reliable.Frostbitten gives you 5 stars 
Quote Originally Posted by TranquilMaster View Post
Works perfectly, just finished last game to 2.7k rating, everything went very smoothly. Big props to these guys
Quote Originally Posted by Ed1 View Post
Legit, fast, and good value for money!
Thank you crazy russians )))))))
Quote Originally Posted by Dice86 View Post
These guys are legit and the real deal. They boosted me very fast from 0 to 2400 rating. Also.. they didnt mind that i asked them to split up the payment up into three parts.
Because I didnt want to pay the full price at once. They didn’t mind.
Their awesome, patient, and very nice. Wish I did this sooner. Thanks a bunch guys.
Quote Originally Posted by rids0wnz View Post
After reading the reviews ehre I decided to give these guys a try – I was a bit sceptical because of all the RBG scams you see out there so I went for a testgame first. Opposing team has a very high rating, and decided that this look genuine so I paid for a boost from 0 – 2200. All happened in a single session, very quick, very smooth, delivered everything that was promised with no fuss. Will definately consider using them again in the future should I decide that I want to be boosted higher.Very happy, thanks for a smooth transaction.
Quote Originally Posted by griim View Post
Amazing service, went from 2k-2600 in under an hour.
Quote Originally Posted by Highzmit View Post
Legit. Went fast and smooth. Do listen to what they tell you to do though – accidently made a mistake or two and wasted a bit of their time. :c
Quote Originally Posted by Andysux View Post
I love these guys so freaking much! payed in 3 parts not a single problem on the way.
Quote Originally Posted by Darko64 View Post
Bought 0 to 2k2 very fast ! thanksBest RBG PL !
Quote Originally Posted by kingturello View Post
Got 0-1800. A+ service
Quote Originally Posted by Dice86 View Post
I got boosted by them a few months while ago but just wanted to say thank you again. Casy. <3
Quote Originally Posted by Zurox View Post
And to update, 2400 – Very quick! 5/5 Service!
Stupid fast, definitely recommended.
Quote Originally Posted by eldavo1 View Post
Purchasing a boost from 2100 to 2.2k… They got me to 2.3k! Super legit and cheap, thanks for boost.
Quote Originally Posted by Marvelous View Post
after payment i was told my spot in queue and once my turn came they took over from there.
All my questions where answered fairly quickly.
A+ Service no doubts, no risks.
Quote Originally Posted by Pratt2 View Post
Just finished 2200 boost. They explained everything, I got a bunch of achievs, real easy. Thanks!
Quote Originally Posted by krust View Post
Bought boost from them earlier this week. 0-2.4k. The boost went very smooth and the prices were good. The only bad thing I can say was all the waiting, but I finally got it.
Quote Originally Posted by Groove1337 View Post
I used this service and it’s completely professional. Extremely good customer service, very efficient rating gain; I’ll now get my Hero of the Horde title and it’s totally worth it. I’d reccomend these guys to anyone, far better than the many other companies out there. A++ thanks very much guys!!!
Quote Originally Posted by RBGBUYER View Post
I used this service and it’s completely professional. Extremely good customer service, Unbeatable MMR’s extreme rating gain 200 a match all way to 2.9k! I’d recommend these guys to anyone no other company can match them! A++++++++
Quote Originally Posted by Randompala View Post
Was very scarred to buy this service at first, cause there are so many scammers out there sadly.
Luckily enough these guys were real. They were very profesional, very fast, very good!
Thanks again!
Quote Originally Posted by vasilisp8 View Post
bought 0-2.2k it was done in about 1hour perfect service. the guy was extremely friendly and they even took me to a higher rating.
Quote Originally Posted by Stevey1337 View Post
These guys boosted me to 2.2k RBG from 0 rating,They let me pay with 2 payments so i felt safe.and they gave me a good deal to, they speak very nice to you and friendly, they explain everything and its just all so easy.Going to pay soon for a boost to 2650 for hero of the alliance, telling all my friends about them!Thank you
Quote Originally Posted by Trakdk View Post
bought 2700 boost, so fast nd easy ^^ Ty
Quote Originally Posted by pooman111 View Post
Brilliant service, nice guys and super fast. Much love <3
Quote Originally Posted by peafish View Post
I can vouch for these guys. 2.2k to 2.4k in less than an hour, very quick and painless. Prices are fair too.
Quote Originally Posted by neled View Post
vouching for this guys.
excelent service, at first i was nervous but they are keeping it simple and reliable 
got 2k2 and ill keep in touch! a+++
Quote Originally Posted by wackywazup View Post
just bought ratings so will post back once im done and let you guys know how it went seems legit and straight forward nice replys and fast so far easy transaction
Quote Originally Posted by jamesiep View Post
bought rating from 1700 – 2200. I was wary at first because this is the first time I”ve done something like this but Casy was very helpful and polite. I was a bit of a difficult customer as i wanted to pay in installments over different days, but they were more than happy to accommodate my request.They behaved very professionally and were very patient (i had a lot of questions), and most of all true to their word. I highly recommend them and will definitely use them again next season.
Thanks Casy, more power to ya!
Quote Originally Posted by Zurox View Post
And to update, 2400 – Very quick! 5/5 Service!Stupid fast, definitely recommended.
Quote Originally Posted by Marvelous View Post
after payment i was told my spot in queue and once my turn came they took over from there.
All my questions where answered fairly quickly.A+ Service no doubts, no risks.
Quote Originally Posted by Nojan View Post
It took a little time to answer, but after they did it went smooth. Great guys!
Quote Originally Posted by pallmall1 View Post
nice, fast and cheap service – everything well explained – thumbs up! will definitely come back next season
Quote Originally Posted by lneepoch View Post
Just used this service to cap 1 characters points and get 2200 on another… Was amazing. SO fast, no fuss, easy.
Quote Originally Posted by Pratt2 View Post
Just finished 2200 boost. They explained everything, I got a bunch of achievs, real easy. Thanks!
Quote Originally Posted by Sixpence View Post
Bought 2400 boost from these guys. Went from 2kish to 2.4k in about 2 hours. The guy was nice and worked with me on payment. Would do business with again in future.
Quote Originally Posted by ZOMGmage View Post
2400 from 1600 in an hour  You play your own toon. No Sharing. Cool
Quote Originally Posted by frosticus88 View Post
these guys are AMAZING. just did a test game to check them out, will do 2200 when i get paid in a few days 
Quote Originally Posted by mightywizard View Post
amazing service, guy is pure awesome, rank1 rbg carry’r! <3casy!even gave me a free win 
Quote Originally Posted by kenshin713 View Post
I completely forgot to respond lol. It went super smooth, I mean i was a bit skeptical about the whole thing with all the scammers nowadays. So I bought a test game, saw that it was for real. And paid for the carry. It only took a couple games and I ended up going above 2200. (2246). Really satisfied with their service and will be coming back!
Quote Originally Posted by vasilisp8 View Post
bought 0-2.2k it was done in about 1hour perfect service. the guy was extremely friendly and they even took me to a higher rating.
Quote Originally Posted by eldavo1 View Post
Purchasing a boost from 2100 to 2.2k… They got me to 2.3k! Super legit and cheap, thanks for boost.
Quote Originally Posted by eroticpastry View Post
Legit, easy, took me over my requested rating by over 200 points.
Quote Originally Posted by Kasthemir View Post
Just finished doing my carry with them. I cannot describe how good their service was.
I started out making a few questions through the e-mail and they responded me quickly and very politely;
We started in about 12 hours after i placed my order and it all went down so smooth and quick. I bought the 0-2200 carry and as i reached for the 2200, i decided i wanted to buy an extra rating package to reach 2300 and they were very ok with it, even it being a later order. It was so efficient i reached 2400!
The best of all, imo, is that they let you play your own character and that alone is reason enough to pick them.To sum up: quick, cheap and trustworthy.
Quote Originally Posted by towerr View Post
Was septical about any of that kind of services.Got my rating , was cheap and at the time he told me. Skype contact answer questions. . good service i recommend
Quote Originally Posted by adsoeterboek View Post
legit service, very good contact and was fast
Quote Originally Posted by jellylol View Post
Signed up on the website just to vouch for these guys.
Highly recommend, this is LEGIT as their site tells xD.
Quote Originally Posted by sugarhighwhoo View Post
Just got 2.2k in about 2-3 hours. Super fast super efficient and at a great price! Going to use them again definitely.
Quote Originally Posted by Mikenice View Post
Just used themGreat service and fast
Quote Originally Posted by Demonxtx View Post
These guys are LEGIT!! I had two toons boosted from 1.7 to 2.4k, the service was quick and they were very friendly. I’m going to be getting them boosted to HERO by these guys very soon.
Quote Originally Posted by Demonxtx View Post
Just finished getting two characters boosted to HERO. These guys are awesome. The service was quick. If you listen, you will NOT lose even one match! I sent them money, and trusted them and they totally came through with exactly what they gave their word on. I HIGHLY recommend these guys!! Get boosted!!
Quote Originally Posted by adiohart View Post
bought 2.2 carry from these guys, from rating 0 got to 2.3k rating in 4 hours. they provided great easy instructions and were very easy to deal with. I would recommend their service to anyone. Great prices and great service.
Quote Originally Posted by vacantsky View Post
just finished to 2200, went really quick and easy. good price+good service A++!
Quote Originally Posted by Exploitfag View Post
Great Service and well done, quite satisfied to be honest. Recommended to friends
Quote Originally Posted by Advocation View Post
Amazing service without a doubt. My order was started and completed within 3 hours of adding the guy on skype – he even went as far as to stick around really late at night in order to complete my order. I’d definitely recommend to others and would consider using again in future seasons.
Quote Originally Posted by zlgabriel9 View Post
A++ service
Quote Originally Posted by Tking312 View Post
Got my ratings in just a few hours and like everybody said, these guys are legit! Even when I messed up the first transaction, Casy was patient and cool about it. He even gave me my refund at first when I screwed up and that’s when you know these guys are some dope people.Past MMR 1630, Goal MMR 2413.
Quote Originally Posted by insulin- View Post
Just used their service 1600-2200. Reasonable prices and was done in less than a hour with good professionalism. Would defiantly use again and recommend to anyone needing a boost
Quote Originally Posted by Budokai3 View Post
Ordered 2 boost from 2211 and 2282 to 2400, paid partially 50% at start and 50% after reaching end of the order, took 2 days there where some technical issued but other than thas good price A+ 
Quote Originally Posted by Rave112 View Post
Those guys are legit!
Bought 0-2.3k and I got carried up to 2.4k! It tooks around 4 hours, super fast service and friendly contact!
Thx alot!
Quote Originally Posted by Solidman View Post
I read all the above replies and decided to give it a shot.I can’t think of any better boosting service than this. Took me about 1 hour to get Marshal. 100% LEGIT!
Quote Originally Posted by kizamaji View Post
Quick, easy and very trustworthy!There was issue the day I bought and they had technical difficulties … I was skeptical and thought I had been screwed but, they came through!
I bought 1900 to 2200 push. First day I went from 1900 to 2187 and waited another day. Logged on my toon the next day and I got my win within 5 minutes and hit 2.2k.Thanks for being honest with me and keeping communications going. 
Quote Originally Posted by tuboshuliu View Post
I just ordered their service for 0-2200 and paid half money for 0-1500 first, they worked rly fast though there is bit long wait time, but they said it would be faster, I hope sobtw very friendly support on skype
Quote Originally Posted by Ghengsta View Post
He explained it all very well and answered all my questions with patience, and 2 hours later I had gone from 0 to 2200
Quote Originally Posted by Bigdog22 View Post
Got a 0-2400 was super quick and friendly will def use these guys for anything I need in the future
Quote Originally Posted by amtotn View Post
I just gotta start with the Service, they are golden – didnt have a problem at ALL. I also gotta trow in that they was totally ok with me splitting the boost over 4 days.
Payment, easiest i’ve been trough. Setup fantastic. Well Explaining! Amount of time waiting? I didnt wait at all, i made them wait mostly!
If you’re goin for boost, don’t you go anywhere but here! You will not regret choosing these as your booster. And you gotta look far for better prices! Highly Recommended.
So, Hero of the Alliance for me next season! All went so smooooth!
Props to Unkwn and rbg boosting team! +rep
Quote Originally Posted by dubscraft View Post
Bought 1900-2200 boost. Fast and easy.
Quote Originally Posted by Wagwan View Post
Bought 1900-2.2k, very fast and good service.Deeply recommend these guys.
Quote Originally Posted by Pratt2 View Post
Inquired about smaller boost up from 1500. Had desired rating 30min later. Thanks!
Quote Originally Posted by Thescruu View Post
Bought boost from 0 to 2100, best RBG service!! They are friendly and if you have some problems, they can wait or make rest of job another day…
Now im regular customer!!
Quote Originally Posted by luser01 View Post
Awesome service! Friendly people. 1500-2400 A+++++ Service.Yeah I know. I don’t have much rep either… sorry.
Quote Originally Posted by Jand View Post
200-2519 Boost. Excellent service, super fast. Was told it would be 3 hours for 2.4k rating and 2 hours and 40 minutes later I was already there.Cheapest service I could find that seemed legit as well.Thank you RBGmasters
Quote Originally Posted by ChestRockwelll View Post
Pretty awesome service. 1800-2.2 pretty quickly. Legit A+++
Quote Originally Posted by evict10n View Post
1700-2.2k in a few hours. No complaints at all… answered all questions, quick and easy, pretty cheap too, even less than they quoted me… recommend them to anyone.
Quote Originally Posted by Sarahchan View Post
Absolutely amazing service!Value: 10/10
Speed: 10/10
Communication: 10/10
Customer Service: 10/10I would highly recommend this team to anybody! I was able to get 0-2.5k within 3 hours of my purchase. Thanks to RBG BOOST TEAM. especially to Casy (Unknw)
Quote Originally Posted by Froggy21 View Post
Bought 2200. Amazing service; fast and trustworthy, was done within 20~ minutes.
Quote Originally Posted by Talon08 View Post
Past, legit, and easy to work with, Thanks much
Quote Originally Posted by kekoserrano View Post
I tested this page and give very good service, fast (under an hour) and reliable without doubt the best place to gain ratin ah! and the cheapest!
Quote Originally Posted by iwan555 View Post
Great service.. did a test game first..then next day went for rating.. good communication, instant payment with paypal
this is rly what u see is what u get.Def. goanna get more games done!
Quote Originally Posted by smakhhm View Post
Was great. Quick, fast and painless. 1800ish -2.2k. Would recommend.
Quote Originally Posted by Levention View Post
Bought 5 rbg cap games, went fast without any trouble. Will probably be buying more games from this seller in the future.
Highly recommended!
Quote Originally Posted by lezandra View Post
bought 0 -2400 , finished near 2500 . great service.
Quote Originally Posted by Avyx View Post
Paid for 0-1800, recieved 1900 in no time at all. Superb service!
Quote Originally Posted by MNC View Post
Completed, higher rating than expected as well. Highly recommend.
Quote Originally Posted by wolverine18 View Post
Just awesome service thanks guys ! Really fast and nice on skype ! They answer to you in less than 2 minutes ! Really good ! I just bought challenge gold boost and 2k rbg boost and it was done really fast !(3 hours for the challenge boost and 6 hours for the 2k boost)
Quote Originally Posted by Kycit View Post
Really fast and good service and got what I paid for! 5/5 stars for that! Thanks.



Quote Originally Posted by Enigmishh View Post
Amazing service, ordered 9/9 gold and it was done very smoothly. Got it streamed privately so I can watch the progress. They truly are the cheapest around and they do it professionally! Thanks again!!
Quote Originally Posted by qlass View Post
I was buying rbgs for those guys i and i was extreamly pleased. I have the same feelings for the challenge modes also 9/9 realy fast and safe. looking forward to buy more ! thanks unkwn-
Quote Originally Posted by xaxaxo View Post
Very good service. Fast and easy.
Quote Originally Posted by Angelzz View Post
Nice Boosting, great Service.. thx, Fast and without Problems !
Quote Originally Posted by mazlic View Post
This guys did 9/9 challenge mode for me. Good service and no problems. Got all streamed.
Thanks guys for an amazing job.
Quote Originally Posted by SomeITguy View Post
Used these guys after finding them on the net.Contact was easy and understanding how they work, what it costs, etc was very easy to grasp. Was very nervous on getting my account hacked, but was able to see what they were doing and they delivered exactly what they said they would.Would definately use them again, on many occasions. If, like me, you want to get some things done but simply dont have the time to invest to get it normally, these are your guys.
Quote Originally Posted by Croc564 View Post
These guys were the best service I’ve used in a long time, cheap, fast, reliable no issue ban or scam! Will defiantly use again! Great for people who don’t have the time to succeed in the game! Thanks casy!
Quote Originally Posted by Crishh View Post
Buying CM: gold boost with gold! Thank you!
Quote Originally Posted by Lbniese View Post
Ordered 9/9 CM gold. Went smooth and fast! Thanks
Quote Originally Posted by In7ox View Post
Ordered 9/9 gold challenge modes from these guys, very quick and reliable. They also streamed the entire run and there was no trouble 
Will order from them again for sure!
Quote Originally Posted by ben385 View Post
Ordered 9/9 Challenge Mode Gold, went very quickly and they streamed it all  Highly recommended!
Quote Originally Posted by Elroy View Post
Very happy with my boost.very sceptical about buying initially but will be using these guys again.I ordered at about 9 in the evening and when i woke up at 11 then next day I had all my new lock gear 
Quote Originally Posted by whackalot View Post
I was extremely satisfied with my 9/9 gold CM boost. Really quick, cheap, and reliable. Definitely using them in the future whenever I need a boost.Highly recommend!
Quote Originally Posted by kristiancare View Post
Excellent service gold challenge 9/9 with excellent fast service. Great customer interaction as well.
Quote Originally Posted by Nooneql View Post
bought an 9/9 piloted run, extremely fast and nice guys 10/10 would do again!
Quote Originally Posted by Johnbak View Post
bought full gold clear. nice and smooth, can recommend cheers
Quote Originally Posted by Cerbadin View Post
Great service with reasonable prices. They started my 9/9 within only a couple of hours of payment, finished them within a couple more hours.I’d definately recommend these guys to get the job done.Many thanks!
Quote Originally Posted by jarvo6 View Post
Great service from these guys! got my challenge gold 9/9 boost same day I ordered! highly recommend them for anyone wanting the challenge mode set!
Thanks a lot guys!
Quote Originally Posted by cherwow View Post
Really fast and good, would come again.
Quote Originally Posted by sbx500 View Post
Would highly recommend them very good and really fast.
Quote Originally Posted by SUCHMAGE View Post
Awesome service, bought 9/9 gold and was done in 2.5 hours. thanks mate!
Quote Originally Posted by anthie View Post
Verry happy this service is awesome, bashed in 2.5 hours, guys it’s very cool and very accommodating !I recommend !
Quote Originally Posted by fryna View Post
Ordered service yesterday, had issues with me not having the req’s , will inform after the boost is done.EDIT: Superb boost, all done professionally + streamed. 10/10 from me, great bunch of guys!
Quote Originally Posted by Markus Johnsen View Post
Superb boost  9/9 Gold in 2,5 hours! Now Im top 100 in all challenge mode dungeons on my realm ^^ Great service guys!
Quote Originally Posted by edivno View Post
9/9 Gold in 2,5 hours after starting piloted with everything streamed. Awesome job and great service.
Quote Originally Posted by freddelol View Post
Bought 9/9 Piloted CM boost on site and I got it within 3 hours of the purchase. Good service!
Quote Originally Posted by Skulcrunsher View Post
They did a 9/9 gold boost in no time.Low price and everything was streamed without a problem.Definitely recommend these guys 
Quote Originally Posted by newsh View Post
Paid for 9/9 CM gold boost. These guys were friendly professional and patient from start to end. 100% safe, and highly recommended.
Thanks again!

Quote Originally Posted by temp123 View Post
Pretty amazed, guys worked hard and honest to get the job done  If there is anyone looking to buy CMs get it folks, what can be better getting CM gear couple hours after making order?  Will be returning for sure
Quote Originally Posted by Shamanitzer View Post
Absolutely amazing service, ordered a challenge mode in the morning, came home from work with a brand new transmog set.. im ordering 2 more straight away 
Quote Originally Posted by Elfir View Post
French user, this team did 9/9 challenge mode x2 (paladin,drood). Fast, safe, they’re doing very good job !!
Will probably contact them again for other boost .


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