Challenge Warlord: Gold FaQ


1. Title

  • You will be rewarded with “the Indomitable” Title upon completing every Challenge Warlord Mode dungeon of bronze or better.

2. Mount

3. Transmogrifications

  • Upon completing all 8 Challenges Warlord Mode on gold you will be rewarded with weapon transmogrification.

4. Teleport to all 8 Instances

  • When all 8 Challenges Warlord: Gold have been cleared, you will be able to teleport yourself to one of the dungeons every 8 hours.


Requirements: (what you will need)

  1. Item level of 620+ each peace of gear must be. (PvE or PvP is fine)
  2. Correctly enchanted gear. Chants are very important
  3. Gold for reenchanted gear in some cases, for glyphs, flasks, potions and other needed things (if you didn’t buy yourself)
  4. 20 invisibility potions (potions with 18 sec invisibility)
  5. Over 100 Stat potions for you class (for example Draenic Intellect Potion)
  6. 20 Flasks for your class (for example Greater Draenic Intellect Flask)
  7. 3-5 stacks of Food with needed stats for your class
  8. Self-Play Service is Available, but Tanks and Healers can’t be Self-Played