Challenge Mode FAQ

This is old FAQ & requirements for Mists Of Pandaria Challenge Mode Gold boosting service


1. Title

  • You will be rewarded with “the Undaunted” upon completing every Challenge Mode dungeon of bronze or better.

2. Mount

  • When completing every Challenge mode of silver or better you earn one of “Reins of the Crimson, Ashen, Emerald or Violet Pandaren Phoenix”

3. Transmogrifications

  • Upon completing every Challenge Mode on gold you will be rewareded with your classes custom transmogrification gear.

4. Teleport to all 9 Instances

  • When all 9 Challenge Modes have been cleared on gold, you will be able to teleport yourself to one of the dungeons every 8 hours.


Please follow this link to get correct list of requirements in Warlords of Draenor challenges: WoD Challenge Warlord

Requirements: (what you will need)


  1. Done all 9 heroic mode dungeons before you order gold challenge run. (must be done on Current Character, not acc-wide achieves)
  2. Item level of 463+ in all slots. (even Pvp gear) +gemmed +enchanted. Chants + Gems are very important
  3. Gold for reforge, some glyph and other needed things (you didnt buy yourself)
  4. 10 invisibility potions (5 potions with 18sec invisibility)
  5. 40 Stat potions (i.e Potion of the Jade Serpent)
  6. 3 Flasks (i.e Flask of the Warm Sun)
  7. Food with needed stats. Better Food Tables
  8. Healers and Tanks can’t be self-played