Arena Boost FAQ

Once you have ordered:

  • Add Me In Skype!

    Contact Us via Skype Please

  • We will give you progress updates on your order, and will also notify you once it has been completed.
  • We will attempt to work around your schedule to the best of our ability.
  • Wow Arena Boost is account-sharing service. We play your character. 2×2, 3×3, 5×5 to any ratings.
  • On the site prices listed for EU mostly. Always contact in skype or email to get price and discount for wow arena boost service 😉

We offer the best World of Warcraft arena boosting and arena carry services. Without using any dubious arena rating boosting methods – like Win Trading or bots. Our professional WoW players have an enormous amount of experience and have reached Rank 1 status multiple times! They are proficient enough to carry your character expertly through any type of arena challenge and bring your rating to the highest levels possible, in less than half the time it would take even a seasoned player. Our WoW arena team has the ability to transform your WoW gaming experience so you can really get stuck in!

Arena Boost Requirements:

  • 635+ item level and Epic weapon of PVP gear only is required for all arena rating boosts or carries. or 650+ item level for 2400 orders.
  • Account sharing from your side, we will run your account with VPN connection, so your char is in safe place. Without any risks get suspended.
  • Schedule times when we will be able to carry your character to the top.